4 Best States for Minorities to Live In

I am a military brat. As a child, I traveled across the world with my father who was transferred from base to base. I was privileged to live in Frankfurt, Germany and Izmir, Turkey. In fact, from the time I was born until I was 12, I moved every three years with my family. It has shaped my gypsy, nomadic nature.from I am a military brat.

I lived in Tallahassee, Florida while in college, basked for almost a year in San Pedro, California, nestled in Willingboro, NJ for a few years, before jetting off to New York City for almost a decade and finally settling in Philadelphia, PA. Needless to say, I am an East Coast girl through and through. I could not imagine living in the laid back climes of the West Coast, nor the dry, wilderness of the South West, and we shall not even talk about ANY of the Middle States.

I was a location snob. There, I admit it.

July 4th, I was city shaming beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota; disavowing its "city" status because any place as bucolic and pastoral as Minneapolis, could NOT be called a city. Where is the ever present smell of urine and rotting trash, or the roving parking police itching to ticket your car? Can someone PLEASE explain how a place where its residents are able to leave their doors unlocked all day AND night, be called anything other than a sleepy hamlet?

And yet, Minneapolis has all these things AND is a city. For a brief moment, I thought, “Hey! I could live here. They have great theater, and arts & culture. The oldest running Black theater is thriving here. Prince hailed from here. Yeah, I can do this.” Then I remembered Philando Castillo and then the shooting of Justine Damond. Both are horribly tragic moments, where a member of law enforcement made yet another wrong decision. And while the white officer who shot Philando went to trial and was found innocent of any wrong doing, the black officer who shot Justine has already been dubbed “killer cop”. All this made me think, “Nah, I’m good over here in Philly.”

But really, where can a person of color move that has a thriving, culturally vibrant community and feel safe from criminal and police alike? So I began to dig. I reviewed several websites that have best cities for Asians, Latinos and Hispanics, and African Americans. Cities that boasted high earnings for minority groups, diversity, low crime rates, and growth potential.

So here you go. I aggregated all the cities Livability and Fast Company identified as top ranking cities for minorities. If a state had two or more highly ranked cities, it made it to my list. Enjoy. (Sources - Livability, Fast Company.)


Jacksonville (African Americans)

Tallahassee (African Americans)

Orlando (Latino & Hispanic Americans)

Miami (African Americans)

North Carolina/Virginia

Raleigh (Asian Americans, African Americans)

Charlotte (African Americans)

Virginia Beach (Asian Americans)


Washington D.C. (African Americans, Latino & Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans)

Baltimore (African Americans, Latino & Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans)


San Antonio (African Americans, Latino & Hispanic Americans)

Dallas (Asian Americans, Latino & Hispanic Americans)

Houston (Latino & Hispanic Americans)

Austin (Asian Americans, Latino & Hispanic Americans)

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