It's Not Ok...

Ten months ago, my personal life was a ravaged with family health challenges and my world was turned asunder by an election. An election where a friend of mine literally questioned whether or not the elected official could, “...reinstate slavery”. I shook my head at the drama of the statement and tended to whatever crisis was happening that day.

Six months ago, another friend of mine (a retired military serviceman who served our country with distinction) was on his way to Cuba for vacation with his husband, and as a Hispanic male, he legitimately was concerned whether or not he would be able to get back into this country. I joked with him to make sure he had his “papers”.

Four months ago, friends living in New York began to worry whether or not their undocumented loved ones will be discovered and torn from their families. Any potential jokes were cut short by reports of ICE raids popping off across the country.

Three months ago, an old co-worker who now lives in Hawaii, Facebooked his genuine concern for the safety of he and his family, as the aggression between the US and N. Korea escalated. I began to wonder what does one do in a nuclear event.

Two Months ago, Pride Month actually STOPPED being an official thing. The elected official in the White House opted to discontinue acknowledging the LGBT community's annual celebration of self. This occurred so far under the radar that no one was talking about it. But I wondered, is this a baby step?

A month ago, I made the difficult decision to go without insurance. I could not afford to pay for insurance premiums on own. I could only hope that by the time the penalties hit, I will be employed paying me enough money to pay them. However, knowing how much more harshly affected people like my mother would be affected, I'd still opt for an improvement over our current situation versus demolishing it all together. Because I am able to think about someone else besides me.

And this month, I found out that if I were to try to immigrate into this country today, despite my extensive education and many accomplishments, I may not be allowed to enter. Because our country's doors have the immigration equivalent to the brown paper bag test.

And trans folks in the military are about to be kicked out of the military. Folks who have served this country sacrificed and dedicated their lives to this country, and their thank you is a kick in the seat of their pants.

And the elected official in the White House reiterated that he doesn’t care about brown or black people in this country, or this country at all really, as he chose to conflate the actions of Neo-Nazis and anti-Nazi protesters. Garnering the approval and accolades from leaders in all the White supremacists.

And I am brought all the way back to when my friend asked if “he” could bring back slavery. I don’t think he actually could...but I swear, with all the hard won rights and privileges the disenfranchised that he is slowly stripping away...he is trying.

#PrideParade #Philadelphia #Black #LGTB #Gay #Race #Pride #women #Politics

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